my place


My Place.

Lyrics -copyright 2007


I'm Staring, Staring into Space.

Is that a knock on the door.

What do they want me for, What do they want me for.

They coming to get me. They coming to get me.


I'm surfing all alone. I never leave my Home.

I've made a Million Friends this Week. I've never heard them speak.

I'm staring at this screen again, I'm going round the bend.


Do you remember how it used to be, before we had computer screens.

We used to make Friends Face to Face.

Now we just Stare, Stare into Space.

I'm going insane, in My Place.


Three times I've lost my account, they won't tell me why.

So I'm going underground, they won't find me now.

Wonder where My friends have gone, Now I'm on the Run.



I think I'm going Mad or am I just Sad.

I'm staring at the screen, Big Brother is watching me.

Wonder why my life is a mess I can't leave this place.

I stare into Space. They want to take me away, I love My Place.

Words and Music by Derek Buckham./Peter Barclay.