party party


Party Party.

Verse 1.
Why don't you come to my party, be part of the in crowd tonight.
Where you can dance all night, until the break of dawn, or drink champagne out on the lawn.
And you'll Know Who's Who, by just being there, remember Tuxedos are what we wear.

At my Party. Where everything goes.
We're having a Party. let everyone know.
It's a Party. a Party. a real go go.

Listen it's My Party, You'll have to go.

Verse 2.
Well you can do what you want or just play the fool.
You can sit alone and act so cool.
But if you're really bored with nothing to do. then this is not the place for you.


Middle Eight.
Celebrities, Kings and Queens, they just want, want to be seen.
In Magazines and the media press they just want to show you.
How to Dress, Dress, Dress.



Words and Music by Derek Buckham./Peter Barclay.